i) MODISH MULTIMEDIA is committed to providing solutions to our clients by making sure the best services and products are available to them. Our team is completely able to meet our client's requirements every time.

ii) We will continually strive and ensure the application of leading edge technology as regards the equipment, systems, products etc while exercising cost effective practices.

iii) Our company will operate in accordance with internationally recognized media laws, rules and regulations. We sustain our ambitions by ensuring that all staff is appropriately trained in order to add value and quality to the operations of the company's controlled processes and procedures.



i) MODISH MULTIMEDIA's safety philosophy accords priority to the health and welfare of its staff. The protection of company assets and that of its employees is also of primary concern. We allow adequate time for doing jobs properly and safely.

ii) Our Policy is to provide a place of employment that is free from recognized hazards, organize accident prevention programs and systems for staff, and comply with applicable national and international safety regulations.

iii) MODISH MULTI-MEDIA requires all employees at all levels to be responsible for the prevention of job related injuries and illnesses, property damage and environmental accidents through the use of good judgment and the consistent and diligent application of company guidelines and procedures.



i) Work may result in occupational illness. Health hazards are therefore recognized early, monitored and controlled. We will always maintain a retainer ship scheme with medical professionals and Government approved hospitals and health institutions within its area of operations to supplement first aid treatment as well as render medical services to staff.

ii) Each member of our team will at all times maintain a comprehensive health insurance scheme with a Government approved Insurance Company.

iii) We will encourage our employees to voluntarily participate in First Aid Training Programs.



i) Our Policy recognizes collective responsibility to the protection of the environment. We will always encourage our management and employees to take the prevention of pollution and other environmental hazards into consideration in their operational activities.

ii) It is mandatory for all staff to comply, observe and possibly go the extra mile to obey the requirements of all environmental protection laws that affect all operations.

iii) MODISH MULTI-MEDIA makes it compulsory to always revise its environmental policy annually and whenever necessary to take into accounts any new developments.

iv) Regular reviews of both environmental performance and effectiveness of the environmental management system ISO 14001.



i) Being in possession or under the influence of intoxicating beverages or illegal drugs at the work place and company offices is a termination offense for any employee of MODISH MULTI-MEDIA LTD.

ii) We take appropriate measures to protect employees from unnecessary exposure to all drug related hazards.

iii) The smoking of pipes, Tobacco and Cigarettes shall remain prohibited at all MODISH MULTI-MEDIA offices.



MODISH MULTI-MEDIA LTD shall demonstrate corporate social responsibility by taking initiatives that address the social needs of communities where it operates. These include:

i) Encouraging environmentally responsible behavior.

ii) Professionalism and Ethics in Operations.

iii) Encouraging and supporting employee volunteering.

iv) Donating money and offering professional expertise and services to charities.

v) Being involved in community partnerships for development.