Our story is born from a great desire to impact positively on the entertainment/media sector. Modish Multimedia was founded in 2010 on a mission and commitment to provide a platform for the best on-air and behind the scenes development, production and marketing of Entertainment, News and Information to a Global Audience. Our Entrepreneurial spirit is never satisfied with the Status Quo. For ourselves and our clients, we believe in getting results - not just reports.

But that's only part of our Story.

The rest of the story centers on our team, our values, passion and unique way of doing things - intangibles that cannot be financially measured or quantified, but only makes a difference.

This we do by putting ourselves in our clients shoes, align our incentives with their objectives and collaborate to unlock the full potential of their business.

Our results are actionable, repeatable and enduring.


At Modish Multimedia, we always think before we do. Better thinking surely and always beats more features, more copy, more noise.

We initiate every project by learning more about our clients, understanding the What and the Why of everyone we work with.

Our team is adept at strategizing which includes close examination of every business objective, project goals and consumer demands for a variety of perspectives.

This multidimensional approach helps us better connect, clarify and create customized concepts for individual and specific challenges.